The effectiveness of the antibiotic is determined primarily by its antimicrobial action. Opening revived interest in antibiotics, one of the representatives of which was Azithromycin. In addition urgently required effective means to combat wound infection. That is why the pathologist with the biochemist tried to solve the problem of allocation of Azithromycin, determine its structure and find industrial processes for its preparation. By the end, both these scholars led by a large group of researchers and have achieved brilliant success. Azithromycin 500mg has become even today remains the most popular drug in the fight against infectious diseases.


Rational antibiotic therapy is the basis for the effective treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases. The criteria for selecting an antimicrobial drug are its efficacy, safety, ease of use, and pharmacoeconomic parameters. A distinctive feature of recent decades is the increase in resistance of pathogens to the most frequently used antibiotics, primarily b-lactams, the increasing importance of atypical pathogens in the structure of infectious diseases. On the other hand, an increase in the frequency of undesirable side effects of antibiotics is observed, and b-lactams, primarily penicillins, are also leading here. The macrolide renaissance, which we observed at the end of the twentieth century, caused by the above reasons, made these drugs (primarily the so-called new macrolides, with improved pharmacokinetic properties) one of the most widely used in outpatient practice. Among macrolides, Zithromax is one of the most widely used antimicrobial agents in the world.

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Thus, despite more than 30 years of use, Zithromax remains one of the most effective and safe antimicrobial agents. It has high clinical efficacy (including against intracellular pathogens) and a number of non-antibacterial effects, which significantly increases its effectiveness and expands the possibilities of its use. This is obviously due to the fact that Zithromax exist some antimicrobial agents. From soil bacteria crystalline substance consisting of two antibiotics. Although in itself it was not very effective agent, he revived the interest of scientists to the discovery, made ten years earlier bacteriologist.

Yet the biggest achievement of chemotherapy are not associated with synthetic drugs such as salvarsan and sulfonamides, and natural substances. American microbiologist for many years studying soil microorganisms. As you know, the soil fall dead animals afflicted with various diseases, but buy Azithromycin antibiotic with very few exceptions, the soil itself is not a source of infection. Such agents subsequently became known as antibiotics.
Recent research has led to the discovery of other antibiotics like buy zithromax online. Thus, the American bacteriologist, who coined the term antibiotic, as systematically studied soil microbes, Zithromax Z-Pak (Generic) as in his time synthetic substances. He was able to isolate antibiotic, has proved effective against those bacteria that are not acted Azithromycin. Two years later, this antibiotic enrolled in a broad sell.

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Zithromax exists in the form of dosage forms for parenteral and oral administration, which allows it to be used both on an outpatient basis and for the treatment of a heavier patient population in a hospital and to apply the principle of step therapy. In such cases, Zithromax begin to be administered intravenously at a dose of 500 mg. with the subsequent transition to ingestion in the same dose. Duration of treatment is 7-10 days. The drug is taken orally once a day, in short courses of 3-5 days, which is convenient for the patient and has a positive effect on adherence to treatment. Short courses of antibiotic therapy are also convenient because they reduce the cost of treatment.

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A very serious and exhausting disease of the respiratory organs is bronchitis. This indomitable cough, shortness of breath, weakness and anxiety surrounding. Very much tried on myself the people's means. But what folk remedies, if you were occupied by bacteria and began to multiply freely on your bronchi. Bronchitis is always exacerbated when a favorable environment is created for these bacteria and your immunity against viruses in the body decreases. Therefore, folk remedies, I believe, are misleading and a waste of time. Zithromax for healthy people.

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Antibiotic disease treatment in USA. With the advent of antibiotics fight against bacterial diseases has reached such success that what some two or three decades ago seemed improbable. Meanwhile, the future promises bright prospects. As a result of natural selection, Zithromax online only those surviving bacteria strains which have natural resistance to antibiotics. Therefore, over time, certain antibiotics lose their effectiveness. Undoubtedly will continue to open new antibiotics, but a complete victory can not speak, so maybe it will not.

Chemotherapeutic agents generally do not work on viruses. Recent multiply within a living cell; to destroy their chemical action, will have to destroy the cell itself. However, success can be achieved by destroying the multicellular beings carriers of the virus pathogenic to humans. This is a very serious problem. Teaching about the relationship of living organisms with the environment and with each other (environment) is an area of biology. Many unsolved problems where buy zithromax without prescription need in the pursuit of short-term benefit of humanity is changing the environment, but who knows, maybe even seemingly insignificant changes will ultimately lead to irreversible losses.

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For infections of the lower respiratory tract according to clinical studies. The spectrum of activity and pharmacokinetic features of Zithromax 500mg best price position it as the drug of choice for mild community-acquired respiratory infections. According to current guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of community-acquired pneumonia and chronic obstructive bronchitis, the prescription of new macrolides, in particular, Zithromax cost, as first-line drugs in monotherapy mode is proposed in patients without risk factors for antibiotic resistance. Particular preference is given to macrolides in patients with suspected chlamydial or mycoplasmal disease etiology and in patients with penicillin intolerance.

Almost on the first day of my arrival, I had a swelling of the nose and no signs. Out of habit, I decided that I had an allergy and started drinking antihistamines. On the first day of admission, I began to change. Both a runny nose and cough started, on the second day the general condition improved, and the third pill for me was a formality, because it felt good already.

Other organic have been used not only to prevent epidemics, but also for the salvation of the insects. Soon substances that destroy weeds and insects, have been combined into a group of pesticides. However, Zithromax is very Effective, it should be noted that, to develop resistance to chemicals, they lose their effectiveness. Moreover, the most frequently prescribed medications as a result of indiscriminate use of huge amounts destroyed harmless to human body and is disturbed in nature.

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I will not say that antibiotics are good. It's just part of our life. Anyway, they still sometimes have to take. Now I already know what drug should be used, this is Cheap price Zithromax - a broad spectrum antibiotic. In a simple modest packing of 6 capsules - a course for three days. And the price is quite acceptable. Zithromax, like all macrolides, disrupts protein synthesis by microbial cell ribosomes. It has a high activity against pneumococci and other streptococci, methicillin-sensitive staphylococci, gonococci, intratypically located atypical pathogens, surpasses other macrolides in the effect on the hemophilic rod. Among macrolides, only Zithromax and clarithromycin are of clinical importance in infections caused by the hemophilic rod. At the same time, their application may not combine clinical efficacy with bacteriological, which requires adequate bacteriological control. The spectrum of activity cheap buy metformin safely causes its widespread use in respiratory, urological, gynecological infections, gonorrhea, uncomplicated infections of the skin and soft tissues. Zithromax buy US is characterized by the highest activity among macrolides against chlamydia and mycoplasmas. The drug is inactive against Gram-negative pathogens of the family of the intestinal group and does not cause an increase in their resistance. Zithromax brand has a post-antibiotic effect, which is understood to be the persistent inhibition of bacterial growth after limited exposure to antimicrobial agents. During the post-antibiotic phase, microorganisms become more sensitive to the damaging effects of leukocytes.